Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tattoo Award for Tattoo Artist Nigel Kurt

Nigel Kurt, a tattoo artist from Sheffield, South Yorkshire has been named Best UK Male by the UK Tattoo Industry. Nigel has been running his own tattoo studio since 1993 and has had thousands of tattoo fans go under the needle with him. The tattoo studio is called Fun House Tattoos and is a well know boutique to many tattoo fans in South Yorkshire and the UK. He runs the tattoo studio with Jo Pink who joined Fun House Tattoos in 2008.

Kurt specialises in photorealism and mainly does portraits. His style is similar to drawings and he uses the black and grey style. Many come to his studio asking for a portrait of a person close to them such as a parent or child. There are also many requests for celebrities such as music stars, movie stars and TV celebrities. There are also regular requests for tattoos of pets.

Nigel Kurt is said to be delighted with the award which was presented to on 15 May in Liverpool.

Mr Kurt found inspiration 20 years ago when seeing the work of American tattoo artist Jack Rudy who specialised in black and grey style portraits. Jack Rudy is considered to be one of the top tattoo artists in the world.

Mr Kurt is extremely professional in his approach of tattooing and won’t tattoo anyone under 18. He won’t tattoo face and hands (visible tattoos) which is the case for many other tattoo artists. And if he doesn’t like the design, he won’t do the tattoo. Once again, this is very common with many professional tattoo artists who not only look after their style and their reputation, but also want the best for their customers.